We have carried out a great deal of work with historic and listed buildings and have extensive experience of gaining Listed Buildings Consent and liaising with Historic Scotland. Projects have included Town Halls, Hotels, private homes and conversions in conservation areas.

Along with conservation techniques and specifications, we keep abreast of the latest advice from Historic Scotland with regard to improving the thermal efficiency of old buildings to ensure the suitability of each measure.

Modern insulation can be inappropriate for traditional buildings as any materials used should be permeable and therefore compatible with the concept of the building breathing. Suitable materials can include natural materials, such as sheeps wool, cellulose, hempboard and clays.

If you are looking to improve the energy performance of your traditional building, it is imperative that you use methods appropriate to the age and construction method of the building. We have a good understanding of the pathology and idiosyncrasies of traditional buildings and can offer suitable advice to those wishing to carry out thermal upgrades.

Full energy audits can be carried out on your building if required.