This 6 bedroom farmhouse in Fife provides accommodation over three storeys and is to the Passivhaus Low Energy Standard.Archtieco Solar Gain.jpgWe have taken a fabric first approach with the design being based on Passivhaus principles. Preliminary energy modelling indicates a heating requirement close to the Passivhaus standard, and certainly improves on the Low Energy standard.
The design makes use of natural resources: Orientation takes best advantage of solar gain. A veranda to the south provides not only shelter from the rain, but also shading to help prevent overheating. Passivhaus detailing eliminates cold-bridging, while also inhibiting condensation and mould growth. High performance windows complete the insulation envelope. Fresh air is provided through a Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit, retaining heat from the extracted stale air.

Robust detailing suits an exposed location. 
Open plan spaces and reduced internal partitions make best use of materials and also provide a spacious, light, living environment. 
 The construction dimensions take full advantage of standard sizes to reduce cutting and avoid waste. Two storey construction provides maximum accommodation between minimum slab and roof areas. The dwelling has been dimensioned to minimise the requirement for steel.