Currently on site, this development is for 10 units to the Passivhaus Low Energy Standard.Architeco Passivhaus Development
With the existing buildings at this site being unsuitable for renovation, this redevelopment will provide Sustainable Living dwellings.

The dwellings are to be starter homes and will be available for private rent. The houses will not be available to purchase. The rent will be set at an affordable level with the integral low energy design strategy keeping utilities bills to a minimum. To achieve this, the dwellings have been designed to the Passivhaus Standard Low Energy standard, using SIP construction.

Sustainability doesn’t end with affordable housing with low energy use.

To create a sustainable community,  the proposal is for 10 units, comprising of a mix of 2 & 3 bedroom semi-detached residences.

Space standards will meet the requirements of Housing for Varying Needs.

Private gardens are provided, along with communal spaces and play areas to allow the residents to share space. As part of the Sustainable Living approach, an area of ground is to be set aside for an organic orchard and allotments to allow the development to take a further step towards self-sustaining, sustainable living, and to assist with the development of the community aspect to the proposal.

The renewable energy strategy includes biomass stoves and solar photovoltaic panels, with a mechanical heat recovery ventilation system to control heat loss.

We hope that this proposal will prove to be an exemplar of good quality, affordable, low energy, sustainable living, and be sought after as a place to live.