We have developed a range of very cost-effective and energy efficient house types, now launched under the Caber House brand : www.caberhouse.co.uk, for the self-build market.

These ‘standard’ houses have been designed to provide affordable and inspiring homes. They look simple. That’s because they have been rigorously designed. Every aspect of the houses, from each stage of construction and build through to the use and running, has been carefully considered and precisely calculated to make super efficient, warm, dry, light filled and beautifully practical homes.3B_EXTERIOR_SOUTH

The 2 to 5 bed standard house types have been developed to the Passivhaus Low Energy Standard, which is inherently airtight and has negligible thermal bridging. By using the optimum construction dimensions and designing for Passive House suitability, the resulting house designs are extremely cost effective, super energy-efficient, and can achieve Passivhaus standard.

When combined with renewables, the standard house designs can achieve a SAP rating of 100+, making the houses carbon neutral.

The houses have now been launched under the Caber House brand. See www.caberhouse.co.uk for the dedicated site.

The designs can be customised for individual clients with a degree of flexibility included in the designs, but costs are kept as low as possible by sticking to the standard plans.4A_INTERIOR_1

Through Architeco, Caber House offer the full design services for the house types, including Planning Applications and obtaining Building Warrant, and offer a full build service.

Please contact us for further information or to request a brochure.