Architeco are Certified European Passive House Consultants.

If you are an Architect or designer looking to prove your low energy design, we offer a development and feedback service relating to the Passivhaus Standard and can carry out Passive House compliance checks as your design develops.

Our Passive House consultancy service can provide the expertise you require for your projects. By consulting with us at concept stage, you can provide clients with the benefit of your input and design ability along with our knowledge of sustainable building and low energy design.

Designing to the Passivhaus standard requires a rethinking of traditional detailing and building components. Much of this is due to the designing out of thermal bridges and ensuring excellent air-tightness detailing.

We can carry out full detailing and specification of all components and can advise on the most suitable and cost effective materials, from windows and insulation through to an appropriate heat recovery ventilation system. Energy modelling of the design is carried out using the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) and provides an accurate predicted energy useage which also allows feedback on changes to specification.

Even if the full Passivhaus standard is not required, using passivhaus priciples helps create an energy efficient solution. We can carry out an audit of your design details and advise on where improvements can be made.

With each project being unique and requiring a different degree of input, we are flexible when providing our Passive House Consultant service and can assist at your premises or remotely as required. Consulting with us will greatly increase your knowledge of the requirements of the Passivhaus standard. If required, this can involve a degree of training that can also include tuition in the use of the PHPP energy modelling software.

Considering renewables at concept stage is recommended as this allows complete integration of the renewable system into the design and ensures compatibility. Our Renewable Energy Engineer can assess the suitability of on-site renewables for your projects.

Please contact us if you think we could assist with your project. We have every confidence that you will find our consultation service provides an excellent route to achieving your low energy or Passive House design.

As well as Passive House Consulting, we also offer a full Passive House design service.