We are delighted to have received Planning Permission for our Passivhaus development on the Isle of Bute.Bute Passivhaus DevelopmentThe proposal is for ten units to the Passivhaus Low Energy Standard.

With the buildings at Lochend Farm being unsuitable for renovation, the proposal is to redevelop this site into a Sustainable Living development.

The dwellings are to be starter homes and will be available for private rent, set at an affordable level and with an integral low energy design strategy keeping utilities bills to a minimum. To achieve this, the dwellings are designed to the Passivhaus Low Energy Standard, using SIP construction.

Space standards meet the requirements of Housing for Varying Needs.

Private gardens are provided, along with communal spaces and play areas to allow the residents to share space. As part of the Sustainable Living approach, an area of ground is to be set aside for an organic orchard and allotments to allow the development to take a further step towards self-sustaining, sustainable living, and to assist with the development of the community aspect to the proposal.

A renewable energy strategy is being considered and integrated into the design.

Whilst the number of units is a departure from Planning Policy, any reduction in the number of units may have hindered the ability of the residents to develop a small community at this site.

We hope that this proposal will prove to be an exemplar of good quality, affordable, low energy, sustainable living for the island, and be sought after as a place to live for island inhabitants, as well as providing an attractive proposition for those considering the Isle of Bute as a place to live.